Whole Grain Happiness!

That’s what I pack into every bag of my granola. I think what sets my granola apart from others on the market is a satisfying balance of taste and texture. To make my granola blends, I use only 100% Natural Whole Grain rolled oats & premium flours. My main sweetener is pure maple syrup, then, depending on the blend, I also add 100% US honey, brown sugar and/or agave nectar. Canola oil and rice bran give my granolas their distinctive crisp texture. I use a variety of premium nuts, dried fruits and seeds, plus real vanilla extract and a dash of sea salt to round out the flavor profiles.


Hand Stirred Granola

I bake frequently and in small batches. I do most of the mixing by hand. This method of mixing, along with frequent stirring during the baking process and careful monitoring during cooling, produces the satisfyingly toasty flavor and crisp texture that people love. My customers tell me it is a taste and texture they haven’t found in any other granola.

My Original Cranberry Granola features 100% Natural Whole Grain rolled oats, premium almonds and pecans, pure maple syrup, 100% US honey, toasted coconut and sweet dried cranberries.

Tropical Fruits and Nuts is a crisp granola blend that combines roasted macadamia nuts with sweet pineapple and papaya, for a healthy taste of the tropics.

Sweet Blueberry and Tart Cherry Blend is a crisp granola featuring antioxidant-rich blueberries and cherries.

Extra Crunchy Sweet and Salty Blend is a more clustered, crunchy granola that combines roasted and salted peanuts, almonds, cashews and organic baked apple chips.

I have two “Wheat-Alternative” offerings, in which I replace my usual Organic Whole Wheat flour, with Organic Brown Rice and other gluten-free flours. My Maple Almond Granola is fruit-free, with almonds, coconut and flax seeds. To this base I also add cinnamon and raisins for my Cinnamon Raisin Blend. I use Pure Maple Syrup, Honey and Agave Nectar to sweeten these blends.

By popular demand, I’ve developed blends for people who want their granola to have fewer grams of sugar. My Blueberry-Pecan and Cranberry-Pecan Blends have 1/3 less maple syrup, honey and brown sugar than my original blend. I add sweet, dried berries to a granola base, that features pecans and toasted coconut, with no other nuts or seeds.

My granolas come packaged in zippered bags with tear-off tops, so they can be resealed to protect the fresh-baked taste and texture. You can purchase them at:

I have been selling my granolas, as well as a variety of shortbreads and Wheat-Alternative baked goods at farmers’ markets and at The Bread Barn, 29277 C Valley Center Road, Valley Center, CA 92082

You can contact me at dianasgranola@att.net